CASE STUDY – Working Together Trusts share learnings from early adoption of procurement dashboard

The success of joint working across the procurement teams within the Working Together Partnership Vanguard (WTPV) continues, with the implementation of the national price benchmarking tool and the early adoption of the procurement dashboard across the Trusts.

Having successfully rolled out the use of the national PPIB (Price benchmarking) tool across the WTPV footprint it was decided to widen the scope of the analytics and implement the Procurement Dashboard which sits alongside it. The WTPV Trusts are the early adopters of the tool having recognised that widening the scope beyond that of merely product comparison could reap benefits which had previously been difficult to access or assess.

Head of Procurement for the WTPV Paul Ralston explained the benefits that have been found through implementing the system across all the partners’ trusts:

  • Thanks to its wider scope, the use of the tool can bring more meaningful analysis for the Mental Health and Community Trusts who do not have their procurement spend weighted toward medical and surgical consumable, as the Procurement Dashboard looks at all non-pay spend across a Trust.
  •  The technology is hosted so there are no local IT considerations, which is also beneficial in terms of the speed in getting the system up and running.
  •  Because the PPIB tool was already in use across the WTPV Trusts the training requirement for the dashboard were much lower and acceptability amongst staff was much higher as it works on the same platform and looks visibly similar.
  •  In terms of analysis the data is easily exported back into Excel, which is familiar not only to those directly involved in analysis, but to a much wider audience.
  •  The opportunity to drill down to 4 successive levels of cost centre [expense code hierarchy] allows conversations to be held at the appropriate level.
  •  The ability to be able to look at local spend control in terms of on/off catalogue/contract and the amount of Purchase Order coverage will help to drive improved Carter metrics and challenge service areas where catalogue, contract and purchase order coverage is low.
  •  The tool is scalable with customizable reporting functionality so as the Vanguard becomes part of the emerging Accountable Care System the Procurement Dashboard achieves longevity and provides the opportunity for added value 

If you would like more information on the experience of the WTPV procurement teams in implementing the PPIB tool and Procurement dashboard please email: