#TheBlonde gets up close and personal with our medical director

National NHS Blog site – The Academy of Fab NHS Stuff – has interviewed the Working Together Medical Director Dr Des Breen for his views on being a vanguard.


What does being a vanguard mean to you?

Working Together was already an established collaboration before we became a vanguard. We wanted to become a vanguard for the opportunity to share our learning and learn from other collaborations which may be facing the same issues or challenges. A central sense-check on what we are doing and whether it is a useful model that can be adopted across the NHS is also invaluable. We hope that we are contributing valuable insight, particularly as we are the only vanguard working across multiple Trusts looking at routine clinical and non-clinical services.

What problem did you want to solve?

At the start of the process we had seven sovereign organisations who each had their own internal problems and ideas for solutions. The objectives of the Working Together Partnership Vanguard are to work together and strengthen each of the seven Hospital Trusts by sharing collective expertise and knowledge to:

  • Improve quality, safety and the patient experience
  • Deliver safe and sustainable new models of care
  • Make collective efficiencies where the potential exists

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