Project Aims

Identify and implement informatics solutions that support increased collaboration between the Trusts.


  • Improved patient care as informatics solutions allow a patient’s data to flow more easily from one system to another
  • Reduced reliance on paper-based information exchange, which will result in faster exchanges and a quicker service for patients
  • Facilitate easier staff movement across Trusts
  • Removes inefficiencies, for example duplication, across the system
  • Ensures all Trusts work together on workforce planning to ensure they have a workforce fit for future IT development

Progress – March 2017

  • Two pilots for inter-trust messaging (see November newsletter here for more details) have now taken place, which have gathered enough information to enable the month of April to be spent ironing out issues that have been identified. The aim is then to ‘go live’ across 19 tumour sites and all 5 South Yorkshire Trusts in early May
  • Five key priorities have been identified as the priorities for the IT leads to take forward over the next five years. These include:
    • increasing the ability for electronic discharge to take place across the Working Together footprint; and enabling all the NHS organisations in the area to be able to view shared patient records
    • increasing efficiency in Clinical Coding – the process by which hospital activity data is recorded; and creating more efficiency in the business intelligence functions that help hospitals convert data into actionable information for decision making
    • enabling remote working to be easier and available to more staff across the patch
    • enabling significantly increased joint working across IT teams and the development of joint systems
    • developing an informatics workforce model that supports the future of NHS informatics

Project Team

  • Louise Barnett, Chief Executive Sponsor (The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust)
  • Sewa Singh, Medical Director Sponsor (Doncaster & Bassetlaw NHS Foundation Trust)
  • Michael Rodgers, Project Manager