Project Aims

To improve the provision of care across Trusts for patients with acute gastro-intestinal (stomach and intestines) bleeding, with a particular focus on improving equity of access to services for all patients.


  • Faster access to a specialist doctor at night and at the weekend
  • Improved safety and effectiveness through using the workforce in the most efficient way and reducing the reliance on temporary staff

Key achievements

  • Clinicians have all agreed to adopt standardised care pathways across the region to ensure that every patient receives the same, high quality care

Progress – March 2017

  • Following agreement from the Clinicians, work is now underway to establish common protocols and standard operating procedures

Project Team

  • Richard Jenkins, Chief Executive Sponsor (Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust)
  • Conrad Wareham, Medical Director Sponsor (The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust)
  • James Scott, Project Manager