Project Aims

Bring clinicians together to explore where further collaborative working would help achieve improved quality, safety, sustainability, equality of access and efficiencies across children’s services.


  • Children will receive an improved service that is equitable regardless of where in the region they live
  • In an area where recruitment is challenging, and becoming more-so, this approach will ensure we have a workforce that can deliver a high quality service to children across the region
  • Wherever possible children’s care will be delivered as close to their homes as possible, reducing their need to spend time in hospital

Key achievements

  • The Working Together Partnership Vanguard has worked with Commissioners Working Together to establish a proposed new model for the delivery of children’s surgery and anaesthesia across the region
  • Working with Commissioners Working Together, a Case for Change document has been developed to highlight why it would be beneficial to look at the future of services for the Acutely Unwell Child

Progress on current projects – March 2017

  • A full public consultation into the proposal to establish a new model for the delivery of children’s surgery and anaesthesia across the region has recently closed (Feb 14th). Trusts are now working with the Working Together programme to develop business cases ready to respond to any commissioning decision (which is anticipated for May)
  • The Acutely Unwell Child Case for Change document is now being heard at all of the region’s Clinical Commissioning Group Governing Body meetings, and Trust Boards. Following their anticipated approval to move to the next stage, the Working Together programme will work with Commissioners Working Together to define appropriate models, before moving to full business case stage

Project Team

  • John Somers, Chief Executive Sponsor (The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust)
  • Gail Collins, Medical Director Sponsor (Chesterfield NHS Foundation Trust)/ Derek Burke, Medical Director Sponsor (Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust)
  • James Scott, Project Manager